Top Ten Uses For Chopstix


…in China.

I tell you, I have seen the most ingenious and innovative minds at work here.

Here’s my list of personally witnessed uses.


10.  Scrambling eggs

9.  Mixing drinks

8.  Pasta and salad tongs

7.  Grill turner

6.  Free-floating wall studs to secure screws when no studs can be found

5.  Unclogging the kitchen sink by poking with chopstick through the holes in the drain

4.  Fishing out puzzle pieces from underneath pieces of furniture

3.  Hairpins

2.   Eating a meal



1.  Unclogging the toilet.

Yes, this is very true.

Someone accomplished in 5 minutes using chopstix what we could not accomplish in 24 hours with a flimsy plunger.

No, this was not a part of our eating set.


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  1. Great ingenuity! You’re the best! Thanks for helping me start my day with a chuckle! Off to the district gathering with the leaders of the wolf pack today. Take care. You stay in my heart. Thinking of you all with love and hugs!

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