That’s the number of days remaining until we take our circuitous route around the world to see YOU!

While we are starting to daydream about Chick-fil-A, chargrilled hamburgers (is it wrong to put those two in the same sentence) and bratwurst, as well as fiskeboller, gjetost, and salty licorice, as well as deli sandwiches….


I was going to write about how I’ve been chatting with friends here who’ve done this thing before.

And suddenly my excitement to come back and give everybody big hugs is tempered a little.

What do I say when I inevitably will get asked, “So how’s China?”

How do I describe a process that is so monumentous that I have no clue how to pack it into one sentence, or 2 minutes, or an hour?

I have 29 days to figure it out.

PS.  Please do not disregard our shameless marketing of Chick-fil-A around the world, in the hope that they will become the next world superpower and beat out KFC in number of chicken restaurants in China.


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  1. You have so many wonder experiences and so many emotional one too. I can not being to think where you would begin. But I can hardly wait to see everyone. Be safe. XOXO!!

  2. we can never go to the image retreat because we have our own graduation that same weekend every year. I don’t guess you all will be anywhere south while on furlough?

  3. Keep promoting them; Marc will love it! They keep him busy! We are counting the days as well. Love and hugs, Cathy

  4. Fiskeboller & gjeitost? Ja viss du besøker ein Sons of Norway el. finn gjeitost i butikken dit du skal, fordi du skal jo ikkje til Norge på samme tur. Men IKEA har gode skan. varer òg. Skal få ein her i haust. Har dåke planar om å komme hit?

  5. I well remember the count down to our months of furlough when we were in Kenya. I dreamed about sitting on the stage in a huge auditorium and looking out at all the people and thinking, “What am I going to say?” Truth be told, sometimes we were given 10 minutes to sum it up and at other times, a whole evening. The words and thoughts will come to you. Will you be in the Northwest US at all?

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