Paradoxes Part 2


Surprises are rampant.

The same orphanage that has consistently said we have too many of their children, last week called our leader asking if we could find a foster family for this 7 month old girl with seizures and a feeding disorder.

They also said that if we couldn’t find a foster family, they would be happy to take back one of the kids that are doing well and replace with this little girl.

That solution was not our favorite choice, so we’ve been exploring other options.

This has proved to be bit more of a challenge, probably in part because of the unknown seizure variable that may make a potential foster parent kind of nervous.

But today I think we have a solution.

One of our big-hearted pediatricians has offered to to take her as we continue the search for a longer term family, so we don’t jeopordize our always tenuous relationship with the orphanage.

We have a couple of Chinese women who have already expressed interest in helping, who could possibly help as nannies/cargivers when Dr. N has to go to work.

This arrangement will hopefully have several benefits.

1)  We will get a better sense of where the child is medically, and exactly what her day-t0-day needs are, so that can be communicated more clearly to a longer term foster family.

2)  Some of our Chinese likeminded and like-hearted friends will have opportunity to help without a long-term committment to the unknown, and hopefully grow in their passion for helping these vulnerable children make it.

Please lift up this situation, and for an outpouring of support for this little girl and others like her!

We never know what situation will face us in the morning.

Yay for Dr. N!  Here she is holding a child at another orphanage.


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  1. Covering this situation. Thank you for keeping us up to speed as it all changes and evolves. Love and hugs; Cathy

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