Here she is!


Meet WenWen, the latest addition to our community of foster children.

She is 7 or 9 months old (depending on which record you look at), about 10 pounds, has seizures and difficulty with feeding.

And as I met her at her temporary foster home, she is absolutely beautiful.
Dark eyes staring into mine, soothed when held.

We hope she can a) grow b) catch up developmentally c) get a longer term foster family d) experience love!

She’s off to a good start as our community really  pulled through to  help gather baby gear (including a bouncy seat we used to own and was passed around to others in the meantime), arrange for babysitting while Dr. N went to her dayjob, and encourage her.

In the meantime, she seems quite comfortable in her suitcase-bed.


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  1. How precious! Thanks for sharing. Please know you and all the children are being thought of daily. Love, Cathy

  2. Wen Wen, perfect name. So glad she has you in her corner.
    Got the fridge art, perfect on my fridge. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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