Re-Entry in Progress


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We are in the midst of phase 1 of reverse culture shock, as evidenced by these comments by the children:

There’s no people on the streets.

Everybody looks like us.

Nobody is looking at us.

Our oldest is doing a great job trying out her fledgling Norwegian, and when she can’t think of a word in Norwegian, she just says it in Chinese.

What’s the difference–it’s all a foreign language, right!

We are enjoying the thrills of taking deep breaths of pine-scented air, stepping on mossy paths amidst rays of sunshine, running barefoot in dewy grass, looking for intertidal creatures at the shore, and (for me) letting the 3 oldest just run outside and explore the surrounding nature without mom and dad accompanying them.

Morning runs without encountering a single human being.

And the food.

To quote our friend PM, before I came to Norway, I was skinny.

I won’t belabor the point, but let’s just say that while there is no actual word for “dessert” in Chinese, I think the Norwegians invented, perfected and magnified this art of food preparation before Columbus discovered the Norwegian map to the New World.

In the meantime, we have another day and a half  of glorious unpopulated nature before braving our way to the airport and find out if volcanic ash will affect our travel route to the US.


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Norway is so beautiful! The kids look great! So cute! Safe travels. See you soon. Ah, I love saying ‘soon’! Love and hugs!

  2. Praying for safe travels. We may not have the pine, but we sure are looking forward to seeing all of you and spending time with you. God Bless.

  3. nyt bløtkaka da! Veit ikkje om Norges-turen er over, håper du hadde ein super tid, er misunneleg! Det ser ut som om dåke fekk oppleve alt som skal, særleg 17. mai på Karl Johan i bunad! Sukk!

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