Back in March we moved our second daughter from the big fancy kindergarten to a little one in the neighborhood after a few months of concern voiced by the teachers as well as a change in her mood at home .

While we could never quite figure out what caused her to dislike the first school so much, she has been thriving at the new place.

From appearances alone, it’s not much.

A slightly cluttered courtyard and play area, and two small rooms with old beat up wooden desks and a real blackboard.

And, an introduction to the fine arts via statues flanking the doorway and in front of the building.

After about 2 days of no comments, she started pointing out the nude male scultures’ anatomically correct vocabulary each time we passed them on the way in and out.

After a week of that, I had enough and decided to shelter my child’s fertile imagination somewhat.

I found some twine and burlap sacks scattered in the yard, and used them to create makeshift loincloths for the fellas discretely one morning after dropoff, when nobody was in the yard.

After all, I figured, they were already being used as umbrella racks and misc. coat tree replacements.

The results can be seen below.

Please note that it took me about 2 more weeks to notice the videocamera aimed exactly at my handiwork, seen in the last picture.


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