The Statistics So Far


Guess which language this is?

It’s now been 29 days since we left our 14th floor apartment in urban China.

Since then we have traveled on 5 airplanes, through 5 countries on 3 continents, across 12 time zones and 4 states.

We have flown in the face of volcanic ash.

We have also traveled by train, boats, buses, subways and a couple of cars.

With 4 kids, 4 large suitcases, carry on luggage and a stroller.

We have slept in 6 different beds, said hello to loved ones and shed goodbye tears already too many times to count.

We have gone from a city of 8 million to a hamlet of 500, and every place in between including the town of Hell, Norway.

We have lost–and found–aforementioned stroller.

We’ve met our new nephew VR who was born yesterday.

And we have had one multi-child meltdown.

3 days ago.


What lies ahead of us?

In the next 3 weeks:

Drive through 14 states, stop in 6 of them and listen to a dozen children’s DVDs played in the back of the van.

And meet many more of you, dear friends.

Only 3 more months of non-routine left to go!

Just beware of potential meltdowns in your time zone!




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  1. Pray your new nephew and mom are OK and that you and Brian get through the meltdowns. It is alot for all of you to go through. To some I sure it sound fun and it is to a point but I am sure it get a little old too and you need some down time. I hope each of you get some. Pray for all of you. Love Rick and Melane.

  2. At least there is a place to eat and sleep in Hell.

    I heard someone say once. “when you feel like you are going through Hell, KEEP GOING!

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