We are Still Kicking…


We are still alive, but sometimes just treading water.

(Photo courtesy of Cory L)


After over 8,000 miles logged on our van and a bedtime that looks more like California time although we are in Ohio, and countless opportunities to share in person with so many of you, I have no hours or energy left in the day to blog intelligently.

The short version, in no particular order:

We are on track to return to China in early September.

We are changing our visa from a language school sponsor to a hospital sponsor and enjoying the multiple opportunities to use FedEx.

The children are growing like weeds and enjoying picking them (in the form of dandelions and thistles given to Mama).

China Surprise is become increasingly difficult to put to bed.

Our calendar for the month is a huge piece of butcher paper that is folded up and carried with us.  Everywhere.

I have not made it to Trader Joe’s yet.  Not even once.

That is really sad.




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  1. Hey. What a lovely time we had at Munroe Falls! I’ll cherish it for two years until we can do it again!

    I wish we could squeeze in a Trader Joe’s visit…

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