I Wish I Had My Camera


While I was out biking today, running errands.
In this case, the errand was picking up the results from a physical exam our son had to have to enter kindergarten.

The nurse kindly informed me that based on his bloodwork he had a cold, and may need to go to the hospital.

I reassured her he had absolutely no symptoms of anything, but I would definitely get him checked out if he got sick.

As far as I could tell, the platelets were absolutely in the normal range for his age.

And I’m glad I didn’t make him fast for a CBC and hepatitis test, like they had told me to do.

I am slowly getting the hang of some things here after 2 or 3 times around, although for each thing I don’t do wrong this time, I’m sure there are countless other things I mess up in fantastic new ways.

While I was on the road, I saw with fresh eyes the things I had forgotten about while away in Norway and the US for 3.5 months.

I will actually blog about our summer and return to China, but it’s been rather hard to process it amidst the hecticness in the US, the craziness of coming back, and children still waking at 3:30 am (we’re down to only one doing that, but she is the loudest one in the family, to make up for it).
So save that read for when I’m ready to write about it.

In the meantime, I wish I had my camera when I saw…

A cat casually emerging from the sliding customer service window of a convenience food shop.

A man cheerfully painting a white wall wearing an ancient paint spattered beat up suit coat (old suit coats are actually common work clothes here).

The horse cart full of red, white, black and green dried beans, of which I bought some.  When I asked if he usually comes to this street, he said 不一定, which means “it’s not certain.”  I think that is because technically he’s not allowed within a certain boundary of the city limits with the horse.

The drivers arguing loudly about who was to yield to who as 4 or 5 cars simultaneously approached the same alley-intersection, with each refusing to back up to let the others through even as they were all jammed in nose first.



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  1. Hi Eva and all! Glad some tasks are getting easier since you know the ropes, so to speak. You paint wonderful word pictures. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It makes you all feel not so far away. Take care. Much love and big hugs for all of you! Cathy

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