First Week of School


Lu Ming (age 3 yr 10 months) started preschool yesterday, at the same place where his older sister went for the last 3 months in the spring.

Yes, the place where I had to give the naked statues some Fig Leaves.

The makeshift clothing is still in place, as is the video camera (if somewhat masked by the climbing vines).

Meng Yuan also started first grade at the same school where her older sister is in second grade.

Call us brutal, but the girls actually started school the very next morning after we arrived back in China last week.

We thought, why not, they’ve been out of routine for 4 months, they’re jet lagged and have been up since 3 am and eaten 2 breakfasts, better to send them than let them roam around the apartment loaded with 11 heavy suitcases scattered everywhere.

So they were there, 745 am, and seem to be adjusting.

It was quite touching to hear our oldest be so nurturing with her sister.  “The playground is really fun.  My teacher is nice.  I’m sure yours will be too.”  And later:  “how was your teacher?  Did you have a good day?”

The answer:  “No. It was boring.  I didn’t have any books.”

It’s getting there.


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  1. Thanks Eva; everyone looks so happy. Glad the kids are adjusting and you’re back home and getting settled. Thinking of you every day. Love you all. Consider yourselves hugged! 🙂

  2. Eva and Brian,
    How precious! Your family is beautiful! I love it that you sent your children to school just after returning from their long summer trip! Good for you! They made it just fine! And adjusted better than we could!

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