OSHA again


I was checking out a new megamall in the final stages of construction the other day when I spotted these two ladies with their purses, holding a rope.
This is one of those pictures I show to my kids and have them make up a story:  what happened before this picture was taken?

What will happen next?

Why does nobody else around me think this is unusual??

Curious, I moved closer.

Yep, it’s a rope.

Is this their job?

They look like passers-by to me.

I follow the rope up….up…..up….

Yes, indeed it’s attached to the guy in the middle of the picture.

They’re painting (I think) and the ladies are pulling the rope to help him navigate outward as he slides downward on a little board he’s sitting on, like a swing hanging from a tree.

Except it’s way way up there.

There he goes.

I will say, the outside of these malls are a lot more interesting than the inside.




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