Tuesday Muse


Random happenings in the past few days:

1)  I bought 20 pounds of leeks, a massive (20 pound) squash, and two large green pumpkins off the farm trucks for about $3.   Then there was the 3 day process to prepare pumpkin puree:  Day 1-bake in oven until soft; Day 2-cut up and put in blender; Day 3-put 2 cup portions in freezer bags.  It made 8 bags.  And that was just one pumpkin!

2)  I’m thinking about where to get a new blender.   It broke on the last round of pumpkin.  It’s also good for applesauce and anything else you can’t buy here but need to make yourself.  Shouldn’t be too hard to find one.

3)  My friends took the kids to the park and played hide-and-seek with them, yelling “Where are you??” and promptly were reprimanded by an elderly grandma for not taking good care of their kids.

4)  I took my 4 plus our friends’ 4 kids to the park with a Chinese friend, and was called SuperMama.  All right!

5) 3 kids and I went to the bargain mall/market to get winter pants–denim and khaki with a second fleece layer on the inside…nice and cozy since we don’t get heat for another few days!  Each pair cost between $8 and $15.  Can’t find those at Target!

6) Sent off my computer with people traveling to the States after numerous midnight skype sessions with IT people and still problematic.  Love that 13 hour time change.

7)  Hosted 5 people at the house this weekend, a visiting team including dentists, orthopedic surgeons and “heart doctors.”   We felt like we were reliving this summer with our whole family in one room, except this time the kids were in the bunkbeds and we were on the floor!

PS:  temp is 34 degrees at 8:30 am.


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