Good News!


Ting Ting is a little orphan girl about 1 1/2 years old who lives at HOJ foster place along with about 20 other children.

She had heart surgery on Oct 9th for repair of Tetralogy of Fallot (a congenital heart defect) and has been on the ventilator until…last night!

Over the weekend we heard that she was doing quite poorly, her body was showing signs of heart failure and they were afraid she was not going to make it.

The thing about intensive care here is that nobody is allowed into the patient area except hospital staff.

Including the child’s parents or caregiver.

So even G, who is Ting Ting’s foster parent, was not able to spend any time with her during this difficult month.

She was able to have the staff take a picture with her cell phone once, as you can see.

However, G had asked if someone medical could accompany her to ask the ICU doctor questions about nutrition and other things, because she was concerned whether Ting Ting was getting enough food.

Here the patient’s family members are expected to buy any food, formula or other food that is needed, on their own.

There was talk about going to another hospital that perhaps sells a higher quality protein shake and buying some of those for her.

Well, we were very pleased to hear, after waiting around for a while and G peeking into the ICU to see the doctor on her rounds, that Ting Ting was able to breathe on her own as of last night!

She had even eaten a bowl of noodles!

After another while the doctor invited the 3 of us (G, MC-one of our bilingual medical people, and me) into her office and we were able to ask questions.

Then the doctor invited me to go see the patient, as the foreign doctor *wry grimace.*
G asked to come, and at first the doctor declined but we both insisted it was more important for the Mama to come in than for me.
So we both put on plastic shoecovers and went in.

She was looking very comfortable with only a little nasal cannula, awake but sleepy.

The doctor said she thought it was a miracle that Ting Ting had turned around the way she did.

We sure believe in miracles!

They say if she does well she can be transferred to a regular ward tomorrow.

Let’s just end by saying that hospital care in some ways is the same, and in some ways very very different.

But more on that some other time.



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  1. Wonderful news on Ting Ting! What a way to start my day! Good news of a little one getting better! Breathing on her own! WOW Let us never take for granted what is a privilege when we cannot do something on our own.

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