Convenience Item


Tight on kitchen space?

Why not combine your morning breakfast needs into one handy appliance, such as this coffee maker cum mini-toaster oven?

I thought it was kinda cute myself.

Other than that I would need to brew about 3 pots to make my morning coffee ration…


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  1. Wow can you find wone of there in the states?? I have like no counter space! I even had to bring my nightstand in from the bedroom to put it on so I had more then 3 inches of counter! It is tight and this would be perfect!!! Esp since I really don’t drink more then one -two cups of coffee and my toaster has been having some serious attitude problems lately. ( it does not matter what you set it on you get burned toast!) Let me know if you here of these being shipped to the USA! I will drive anywhere!!!!!

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