Our Family Away from Home


We got together with nearly every person who works for LIGHT on Friday for the annual Thanksgiving feast/potluck.
About 50 of us (including a bunch of kids) squeezed into C’s apartment, and we enjoyed a sumptuous multicultural feast which included many American elements, of course eaten with Chopstix.

Songs were sung, games were played and thoughts were shared.

I felt like we are really establishing some tentative roots here, with our colleagues and coworkers from a number of countries.

There was a hot-potato game played with an orange, where the person who ended up with the orange had to say something they were thankful for this past year.

I really appreciate the huge hearts and giving of themselves modeled in so many ways by our Chinese brothers and sisters.

We are all growing in our journey heavenward together, and learning how to live and work together, communicate effectively, and show brotherly love toward each other.





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  1. Thank you for the pictures and comment. Helps me to be specific and I feel that I am sharing in your experience though we are far away from each other. I am cooking my first ever Thanksgiving dinner. Hope it all turns out ok. Yours looked wonderful! Take care. Love and hugs!

    • How wonderful, celebrating being “Thankful” with friends of different nationalities and cultures – all coming together to give Thanks in thier own way.

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