Christmas Flurries


Here’s a pic to pacify you after my long silence.

China Surprise, caught folding her hands in prayer for the first time as we gave thanks for  a package that arrived from some friends.

I was shocked to realize I haven’t blogged in over a month.

Can I say, treading water?  Barely staying afloat?

This month was a crazy month of activity.

I have lots of blogging fodder, just haven’t had the time.

Beyond the usual mayhem of getting 3 kids out the door by 745 am in heavy doses of winter gear to meet subzero degrees F every morning, getting into the swing of things with more medical and orphan work, and desperately trying to homeschool and tutor in the afternoons…

  • A new family moved to town that we helped give a “soft landing.”
  • I accompanied our nonmedical team an outlying orphanage to be a part of the “Christmas cheer” (wry attempt to smile) and we miraculously were able to leave with one foster child.  More on that in a separate post with pictures.   A 4 hour trip that took 6 hours was, in the end, a blessing in disguise and probably led to the fostering being allowed.
  • A sick orphan staying in a “foster home” with about 20 other children, is very ill but the person responsible for her is not allowing her to go to hospital for care.  I have been visiting daily recently.
  • My dear fellow pediatrician N is leaving us after a two year stint here, and I am transitioning into some of her work as she is leaving (i.e. lots of meetings).   This after my other dear fellow pediatrician K left us in September for warmer winds in Thailand.  *sigh*  Calling all pediatricians who want to do orphan work!!!  Seriously.
  • We swiftly sent out a plea to our local community to participate in an electronic Angel Tree for the 19 foster children in 14 families just ten days before Christmas, and were overwhelmed by the response.  More on foster families in another post.  They are the real heroes.
  • I have visited a newly discovered (to me) hospital that provides all kinds of therapies for children with special needs, and two of our foster children are getting plugged in.

  • And of course getting ready for Christmas, hosting friends for a cookie bake, picking up packages at the post office (thanks, guys!), celebrating the special day, attending the children’s performance at the local church where Oldest Daughter sang with 3 friends in front of the whole group in English and Chinese!


  • Not to mention terrible computer problems.  But that’s enough of that disaster.  It’s getting better I think.

Here is the very rough home video of the kids singing Silent Night, if you can tolerate the jiggles!






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  1. Thought you forgot about us….Merry Christmas ( sorry it is a little late) Hope you had a great holiday season celebrating the birth of our Savior!

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