Rescue Mission: Part 2

Rescue Mission: Part 2

While all the drama with SZC was on the forefront of some people’s minds, other significant encounters were also taking place.

QH playing with a former house-mate

Seven children who have been fostered (including one who was adopted) from this orphanage in the past two years, returned with their current foster parent for a visit to reassure the orphanage that indeed, they were doing well.

The three children we received into foster care last January garnered the biggest astonishment from everybody.

In fact, as we got off the bus, the staff were asking why QH and WY didn’t come.

Even as one of the girls was darting around the pillars of the entrance, and the other was walking straight towards them!

Less than a year ago, QH was, at 2 years of age, according to staff, the most difficult child in the place to feed.
She had a major feeding aversion and refused pretty much anything that they tried to feed her.

She also has two deformed feet and was unable to crawl, stand or walk.

In the past year, her first foster family poured countless hours into her little life and she has blossomed in every way imaginable.

Everybody was shocked that she could walk, and she ate an astonishing amount of food for lunch.  Every texture and taste imaginable went down her little throat, including meats, vegetables, and even big leafy “wood ear” fungus leaves.

I personally got to know her quite well on this trip, as I had volunteered to be responsible for her since her foster parents were unable to come.

After the first hour or two on the very crowded van, she settled down with the help of lots of snacks and books, and by the time we arrived at the orphanage she was looking back to me for reassurance and calling me “mama.”

I have mixed feelings about that, as she clearly has some progress to make in the area of attachment.

Nevertheless, for the purpose of being a testimonial to the orphanage of how a foster family can make all the difference in the life of a child, she was a perfect fit.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Must share with you that PM is in the hospital again with arhythmia His manager at the restaurant took him to ER yesterday and he was admitted,. A lexiscan will be performed today. He looked good last night and was in good spirits. Will keep you posted as I get more information. Love and hugs to all.

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