Unsung Heroes


In a culture where taking in an abandoned child, from an unknown bloodline, and often with a medical or developmental disability is unheard of and goes against the stream in a major way, these are the real heroes.

Chinese women and men who have chosen to buck the status quo and  face a daily tirade of questions, reprimands, comments and consternation by taking in one of these children.

I have immense amounts of respect and admiration for these rescuers, these givers of life and love.


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  1. It is so wonderful. It is such a blessing for everyone and it is great to see the seeds come to life. GBY and all involved. Melanie

  2. Thank you for putting faces to the situations! Such beautiful people! Dad is proud and pleased. We will be talking about these people regularly. Hugs to all!

    • Hi Cathy, yes, talk to him. These people are taking the risk of loving someone who is not guaranteed to be with them if there are winds of change brewing, all up to the powers that be here. Hugs to you from us!

  3. The smiles on the faces of the people in your pictures speak volumes. They are the smiles of love and joy! And I thought it was hard to answer questions about adoption in this country…..!!!

    • Hey, it’s hard enough to answer questions about why on earth we have more than one child as we walk the streets here…:) Seriously, you can lift up these people. They are always taking the risk of an uncertain future for their foster child-no guarantees and the child could be recalled to the orphanage on a moment’s notice, even after years in foster care. They are very brave.

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