Another Baby Out!


Another one of the babies we had our hopes set on getting permission to foster from an orphanage was indeed able to come out yesterday, just in time before the Chinese New Year’s holiday sets in for 10 days and the caregivers are minimally available.

We had initially asked permission in late December when SZC was taken to his new home, but this girl was still in the hospital at the time for some feeding issues.

She seemed to improve each time she went to the hospital, but upon returning to the orphanage she would worsen.

Most likely less attention was given to taking adequate time to feed her, and she would inhale more formula into her lungs.

The director called us last week and asked if a doctor from our team could come up and evaluate her, to see if she would benefit from additional testing or coming to the big hospital in our city.

The bigger the hospital, the better, of course.

Anyway, on Monday our pediatric assistant (a med school grad who wants to become a resident with us), the potential foster mom and I took a long distance bus for the four hours to this city and checked out the child.

After some discussion, the director said we couldn’t take her that day, but “soon.”

All we could do was hope and pray.

And two days later he called our director and said someone could come back and pick her up!

The foster mom, M, already has two special needs children she is fostering, and was so thrilled to be able to foster this little girl, ZY.

Final instructions at the orphanage


Ready for some lovin'!



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  1. i am so happy for her and for her new family! I know she will be loved. I wish i could be there to have a household of foster children! Love to you all Miss Tweet!XOXOXOX

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