Up Close and Personal


We had a “viewing party” to enjoy the blasts going off outside our 14th floor windows, as well as making our own version of Jiaozi.

Yes, it’s all about the food.

But first a shot of the fireworks, taken from our laundry-drying porch.

The kids of course stayed up as late as they wanted, and only a couple of youngsters fell asleep before midnight…

Back to the food.

Instead of filling the dumpling dough with traditional pork, cabbage, eggs and shrimp, etc, we opted for a foreign twist.

After all, we are all about creating new fun traditions that are portable and reflect who we are as expats living in a new culture.

So we made pizza and taco-flavored Jiaozi.

Man oh man were they good!

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All disappeared on short order.

I mentioned our plans to a few Chinese friends, and they cringed at the thought.
I guess to us it might be like suggesting  putting sour cabbage on pizza.

In any case, we are DEFINITELY planning another round of foreign flavored jiaozi.

They may include expanded dipping options, such as salsa or sour cream for the taco flavored ones, and trying out pulled pork or BBQ chicken wing flavored versions.


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  1. Food looked tasty and was eaten in no time by a group of hungary kids. Your family is being creative by working together to get it made. Email me your address…Happy New Year.

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