Winter Sport


A bunch of foreigners and their raucous kids terrorizing the otherwise unpopulated winterized entertainment zone near our house the day after Chinese New Year.

The hill did not exist before the winter arrived. 
It’s some sort of platform on an incline and snowmachines nearby keep it kinda white.

Until this week we had no snow for 77 days, I heard through the grapevine.

ImageImageThe bumper cars are in a drained sunken canal. 
Very improvised but everyone sure had a good time in the minus 30 degrees or something unspeakable like that. 

By the way, it was a balmy 45 F today. 


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  1. In Mongolia we used to use the plastic off of the stairwell rails to make sleds…hard to describe :} Then we would go to the highest hilly sidewalk and soar. I crashed into many a pedestrian in my day but boy great memories with my kids!


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