Sometimes I still marvel that we are actually living in China.

Remember the days as a kid, when you said you would dig a hole all the way to China?

Well, here we dig holes all the way to the United States.

I especially have those poignant moments of marvel as I am pedaling down a busy sidewalk, dodging all manner of moving vehicles and high heeled pedestrians, playing Chicken with silent electric scooters, daring them to veer before I do. 

I have plenty of moments where my life flashes before my eyes as I evade yet another scooter.

And as I recover from that moment (nearly daily), my next thought is, “Wow.  I’m actually living in China.  Still.”

I’m not sure if the marvel at that moment is that I’m in China, or that I’m still alive.

At any rate, we are still all alive and well, living in China.

Here, enjoying karaoke with my girls.

A purely Chinese experience.

My favorite Chinese song?  “I love you the way a mouse loves rice.”







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  1. I think that title says it very well! Love the picture! Looks like you were all having a lot of fun! Love and hugs!

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