Surprise! Again.


It’s amazing how often there is never a final answer here.

About anything.

YB has been in foster care for 1 1/2 years now, since we “discovered” him languishing at 3 kg when he was 9 months old (he had actually lost weight from when he first arrived at the orphanage).

Now he is a rambunctious 2 year old in the 95th percentile, spreading cheer everywhere he goes.

His loving foster mom has been advocating nonstop for him to be adopted after he made it through the first fragile few months.

His orphanage has continued to say that no Downs syndrome kids can be placed on the special needs list.

We had all really anticipated finding a long term Chinese foster family for him, which would be a pretty good option as well and the most realistic and practical solution.

Then yesterday, on a Sunday of course, the orphanage called our director saying they were ready to let him be adopted now.

We just never know which way the pendulum swings, but are grateful when the door opens for someone to have a forever family.

Living on this end of things, I am increasingly realizing how random some of these decisions seem to be, from a Western perspective.
I know it’s not really random, I just  haven’t passed the class to understand and interpret the data.

Here he is a day or two after release from the orphanage.

And here he is in the last month or so. 

Cuddling a little stuffed animal (read:  attachment going well)

Learning to walk (read:  excellent progression of developmental skills at his own pace)

As satisfied as they come (read:  Chinese are into punk haircuts for little boys)

Hopefully he will be united with his forever family quickly!



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  1. It’s so wonderful to see the progress that YuanBao has made. I’m asking that our Father provide a loving forever family for him. 🙂


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