Shopping Days for Orphans

Shopping Days for Orphans

It has been crazy busy here, but what else is new under the sun?

As I was counting the other day, I realized our group has gone from coordinating 12 to 22 children in foster care in the past 1+ year.

It kind of snuck up on us:  a phone call here, a visit there, two kids out here, another there.

Somehow somebody stepped up to the plate to foster just in time, every time.

There are challenges with such a dramatic increase in the size of our community, but also joys.

Two weeks ago (Easter weekend) we held the 2nd annual Foster Shopping Days.

For several weeks we collected gently used donations for anything related to children, and the foster parents could come and “shop” for their families on Friday and Saturday at our administrative offices.

The amount of goodies collected was overwhelming!
The International Club here in town, many other foreigners as well as Chinese friends came through and tons of clothes, developmental toys and books, diapers and formula, strollers and other needed items were swiftly connected with their new owners.

We had a great team of volunteers who helped with bringing things to the office–not so easy with urban parking, hauling everything from the sidewalk to the elevator up to the 13th floor–and making it all fit into two rooms!

Here are some pictures of the pre-event setup as well as when people came.

Nearly every family left with several suitcase-sized bags filled with items for their kids and others in the house.

Of course, volunteers also were on hand to help bring the bags down and stuff everyone into taxis since none in our group own cars.

It was great to see such an outpouring of love and support for these people who give so much energy and love as they invite an orphan into their heart.

Ready for Business!!




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  1. Wonderful! Just got back from district conference. Energizing. Yea! Your pictures are great! the clothing give away we did last year was such a success. Heart warming to see how well yours went, as well. the awaited addition to the wolf pack is here. He arrived this morning. Kaden; 7lb, 9oz. All is well with mom and baby. Love and hugs to all.

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