A Little Support


As I said, we’ve been busy.

This past week we launched our first bilingual foster family support group meeting.

Eight current or former foster moms attended, including our director.

A short term visiting team provided childcare in the living room so the grownups could talk in the dining area.

Our primary goal was to be a safe place where people can connect with others who really understand their unique challenges.

The unknown future.

The possibility of saying good bye as the child leaves with a forever family in another land.

The hard questions many strangers ask.

It was quite fun linguistically, with translation flying in all directions depending on who got it first, and a lot of laughs.

Some tears were shed.

One former foster mom shared about the challenges of saying good bye to her foster son when he was adopted after two years of fostering, and how she grieved for over two years after that.

One told about the hard times when her then 10 year old newly arrived child screamed every night and would not calm unless she was laying by her side.

A couple moms mentioned living on the 4th or 6th floor (no elevators in buildings less than 7 floors here!) and the difficulty in carrying kids, stroller, groceries up and down.

These women are both past 50.

I feel like such a wimp when I grumble about a minor inconvenience like being caught in the rain for five minutes.

(Like today.)


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