Art Teacher I am Not

Art Teacher I am Not

As I’ve mentioned, we send the kids to Chinese school in the morning, and try to balance the high-intensity math and Chinese character study with some more American-style, lightweight themes in the afternoons.

Monday is science day, where Papa leads the children into the world of biology, zoology and physics.

The other afternoons I juggle some history, language arts, literature, Chinese homework and tutoring.

I am not quite the Tiger Mother, and part of my teaching philosophy is to allow free play and creative outlets.

Of course, I didn’t realize until the past year or so that any good homeschooling mom worth her salt has figured out her teaching philosophy long before the kids are out of diapers.

I vowed I would never ever never homeschool my kids.


So here we are.

I also vowed, once upon a time, that I’d never date anybody in medicine.

So here we are.

MD-DO marriage, 13.5 years and loving it even while still learning to live together.

But I digress.

Homeschooling in any form was not on my agenda.

So my educational philosophy is still kind of like the Monopoly game after my 2 year old is done with it.

We have designated Friday afternoons as craft time.

Sometimes we have a really cool kit filled with paint, and brushes, and stuff all there for the kids to glue together and display on the window sill till the 2 year old knocks it down and it gets broken.

Sometimes, well.

I found a bunch of origami paper in some random stacks at my market the other day, and when we got home discovered it even had different colors on the back.

Here is where the opportunity to launch my kids creativity comes into play.

Just balancing out, you know, the Chinese tendency for all work and no play, and balancing free expression with the “art” that the whole class copied from the teacher’s demo on the blackboard.

Since I am not so good at some of these KG and grade school things, I figure, throw a bunch of stuff at them and see what they do with it.

So for about 3 hours my 3 plus 3 more slaved away with random household items plus the new paper.

While I caught up on my blogging.

Here are the results.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also think year-round-school like California will be a part of my teaching philosophy.

Since it is Mid-April and we are on week 19 of 36…


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