I’m having one of those drops of attitude lately, where everything rubs me the wrong way.

I understand that this is a common phenomenon of culture stress, this sine curve that looks like ocean waves, up and down, up and down.

Some troughs are really low, some highs are really high, and other times it’s not so extreme but just palpable.

Like now.

The latest trigger was the removal of all child playground equipment from the park we frequent.

“They” replaced all the slides and swingsets with an enclosed mini-soccer court and about 100 pingpong tables.
Well, maybe 20.

And more of the same endless adult outdoor gym type metal contraptions, where you can rub your back on bumpy things, twirl your arms in circles, and do elliptical bouncy motions with your legs.

These things they have about every 100 feet in public spaces.

Yes, I know, play here is overrated.

Kids should spend 100% of their waking hours in class, on their way to tutors, or doing homework.

I am still working on evolving into a Tiger Mother.

Never mind that half of the time the former swings were occupied by young adults who probably are belatedly recapturing their missed childhood and free play.

I see college students playing quite a bit of duck duck goose type games on the lawn too.

All the same, I’m peeved.

The final straw was discovering this week that EVEN MCDONALD’s has removed their playland in the 2 locations near us and replaced it with more seating.

Thank goodness they still serve ice cream.


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  1. Bīngqílín, one of the few words I know! There’s probably a distortion of focus on play in American culture. Hard to figure out sometimes what is the proper balance. Trust you are finding renewal Mama.

    • THanks, the bingqilin is nice and I am finding pockets of renewal and refreshing. My morning runs really help.

  2. I’m with you! It seems that there is a terrible push to make children adults and not allow them to be children. Trying to find appropriate clothes for an 8 year old is a good example. Small versions of teen and adult wear don’t fit the bill, but there they are. Hope you have access to some nice big cardboard boxes. They can make their own fun! Equipment is here. Just need instructions on the next step. Love an hugs!

    • So you think I should dress them in cardboard boxes??!!!! What a fantastic idea since they were fighting the Monday morning uniforms for school this morning! In general with clothing children are more childlike longer here, which I do appreciate.

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