Personal Ads


I first read about this phenomenon in the very entertaining and insightful book Dreaming in Chinese by Deborah Fallows, and then discovered it under my very nose in the large park near our home.

These are the handwritten classified ads, with parents displaying their unmarried offspring’s best features in the hopes that the perfect match will be made.

I asked my tutor, who is a wonderful young woman age 30 and unmarried, if the offspring knew their parents were out matchmaking on their behalf, and she said probably not.

The text, as far as I can make it out, first on the left:

Male, military officer, recently joined

September 1985 (date of birth)

Height 1.78 m

Educational background:  University graduate

Appearance good

Seeking from the bride’s side:  Taller than 1.65 m

And the rest blurs out…I really want to get a better shot to see what the criteria are besides height!

Phone number at the bottom

The second one:

Female, unmarried

DOB April 1969 (my friends say 30 is the cutoff for being considered an old maid-this gal is 42)

Height:  1.66 m

Education:  3 year college

Appearance:  Good

Desired in the groom:  1.72 m or taller, has a home, age must without exception correspond to…[presumably, that of the bride]

These postings seem to occur on the weekends, and usually the crowd perusing the want ads are so thick I can’t get a decent view.
But I must say, I do not see the younger set connecting in this way.


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  1. Maybe I should try that route to find a husband….but then again there are many creepy people (ie guys). But if it works in China maybe I will have to come visit and put up my own sign.LOL

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