Special Time


We are trying to make a strong priority on having “special time” with each of the kids by themselves on a regular, predictable basis.


Yes, I know this should happen naturally, but with the pull of 4 young voices all calling from different corners of the house I often struggle to make the day end with food on the table and diapers changed in a timely manner.

[Thank goodness for Aquaphor sent via care package…]

We are trying to be proactive about cultivating and encouraging each of the kids in their individual gifts and personalities, not just continually putting out the fires of attention seeking behaviors and juggling who needs us the most this minute.

Although that will probably continue to happen.

So today I had a date with LaoDa, our oldest.  Image

Living next door to the year-round state fair has its perks.

So far we have managed to not raise the expectation that every walk through the park will include a ride and cotton candy, but those things will be saved for special times.

We spent some time exploring which rides to take, and I discovered a beautiful thing about China.

The ride that never ends!

I had notice this before, but did not realize it was such a consistent pattern.

Unless they are totally backed up, not only can you bargain for a special deal, but you can ride until you want to get off.

In our situation, we sat through several rounds of each ride while a few people got on, they replaced the empty seats with more customers, and we were asked if we wanted to continue the ride.

Talk about Bang for your Buck!

Or in our case, Yay for your Yuan.

Kicks for your Kwai.

Plen-i-ty for your Ren-Min-Bi.



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  1. What a wonderful idea! What fun and what a way to have special times with each one! Love ya each one; Dad/ Grandpa and Mom/ Grammy

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