Surprised by Friendship


I had lunch with a friend today.

I met her at the place where she works, gave her a bag of too-small baby clothes, plus some chocolate.

Last time she gave me a too-big box of French truffles (dark) that tasted for all the world like the ones from Trader Joe’s.

I won’t say how long they lasted.

We walked down the street arm-in-arm to a Korean BBQ place she loves and feasted on mounds of marinated sizzled beef and cold spicy noodles.

I suddenly realized in the middle of our meal how much I enjoy her company, her perspective on life, and how easy it is to laugh with her.

Even shed some tears.

We do have a lot in common–we are moms (she of 1, I of 4), we are both female doctors, with husbands who are also doctors, and feel the multiple pressures always encircling us.

And we share the same faith.

I was suddenly struck by how our differences of culture and nationality (she is Chinese, I am a mixed Euro-North American blend Vikinga) faded into the background as we exchanged those confidences that women talk about the world over.

And exchange advice on what to do.

The answer is, of course, to go shopping.

Of course.

I am truly rich, to have a friend like this, here, now.


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