The other day the kids said at dinner  that all the Chinese men at the swimming pool wear underwear to go swimming.

After I recovered, wondering what they were seeing there that had passed me by, I realized they were referring to the Speedos worn in most parts of the world outside the good ole US of A.

I then remembered something that had happened two weeks earlier.

We were waiting for the visiting swim instructor to come (a really cool Haiwaiian guy from Texas) when I heard a ruckus by the men’s dressing room.

The Chinese staffperson was trying to tell the foreigner he had to change into a swimsuit before he could go swimming, he couldn’t enter in his street clothes.

In fact, he was already wearing his swimsuit–below-the-knees surfer shorts.

It’s all a matter of what you’re used to to seeing.




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  1. It’s all relative, right? I love kids’ outlooks on things. I had one little 4 year old draw a picture of a person and then tell me that that person was tall, like him. 🙂 Love it! Hugs to all!

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