Pseudo-playgrounds are everywhere; real ones, not so much

I broke all my eggs today.

I had picked up the 4 big kids (our two and our friend’s 2) from school, and taken our younger 2 along for the ride.

I had 4 backpacks hanging from my bike, and stopped by the market to buy eggs, chicken and some greens, which also ended up hanging from my bike handles.

Trust me, buying eggs in a plastic bag is not so easy on a good day.

The kids played on the pseudo-playground (adult metal exercise equipment) in the courtyard across the alley, since there is no children’s play equipment to be found.

I was supporting my bike so it wouldn’t tip over with the heavy load.

Suddenly China Surprise fell and almost got whacked by a swinging metal foot pedal, and so of course I dashed over to grab her before she was rendered unconscious by aforementioned metal object.

I dimly heard a crash in the background as my bike tipped on top of the eggs.

Talk about a China moment.

The guard came running out to tell me that the equipment was dangerous to play on.

I lost my temper and told him if there was something for children to play on they wouldn’t have to play on the adult things.


We had scrambled eggs for lunch.



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