Bits and Pieces: A Day in the Life…


Here are a few things that do not shock me anymore, upset me or bug me like they used to:

I asked the guards at the elementary school this morning if there was going to be school tomorrow, for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

I happened to know that our medical group had the day off, so it was a pretty sure thing in my mind.

He said, we don’t know yet, we haven’t received a notice yet.

I got a text from the teacher about 4 pm telling me indeed, no school tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday.


I had to pay our friend’s electric bill since they are in the US for the summer, and Papa Chopstix had told me which State Grid location to go to and pay the amount.

Silly me, I went right past the building we can see from our windows, that’s lit up like an Avatar’s Christmas tree every night, and asked the guard if I could pay there.

He told me to go down the next street and turn at the kindergarten.

At location number 2 of State Grid, a rather sprawling campus with large parking lot inside, the guard told me to backtrack and go back to the location I had just come from.

So I went the opposite way to location number 3, which in my heart I knew was the final destination in the end, another few blocks over and around, and found the right place, also sprawling over two city blocks, and humbly paid the bill.

There are no shortcuts here, the way I used to define shortcuts.


When I left my house to pay that bill, the sun was shining and I was wearing my shades.

I believed the weather forecast from a couple days ago, which said clear for the next 7+days.

I was on my way to a noon meeting with the residents, and had to pedal about 45 minutes across town.

I heard the thunder, then felt the drops.

With a sigh, I resigned myself to being soaking wet on my ride.

I did not feel like standing under some roof somewhere, waiting who knows how long for the downpour to stop.

After about 5 minutes I was drenched, but 20 minutes after that the sun was out again, and by the time I arrived I was 80% dry.

Thank goodness my helmet saved my hairdo from utter disaster.


I got home about 230, we had a good session of homeschooling, tutoring in Chinese for the kids and a heart to heart discussion with my tutor about dreams, the care of the elderly and what is really important in life.

During dinner, the kids casually mentioned that Ayi, who goes to pick up the kids on Thursdays because of the lunch meeting), because of the pouring rain, had left China Surprise at the local supermarket while she picked up the others.

[to my knowledge, this is unprecedented]

They said she was sitting quietly in her stroller, drinking a sweet tea that the lifelong supermarket clerk fan club had given her.

Papa and I just looked at each other.



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  1. I LOVE your posts. If this doctor thing doesn’t work out, you could become a writer. Seriously, you help me to have a glimpse of the challenges and joys and heartaches of your everyday life. It is so well communicated and I’m thankful for the chance to experience it all wih you. Tell Brian “hi” from us!

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