Children’s Day 2012

Children’s Day 2012

Children’s Day here in China is a very. big. deal.

Dances are prepared, costumes purchased, and children perform for their parents.

Followed by unbridled play for the rest of the day.

LuMing’s kindergarten had a program a few days before, which I, true to form, heard about something like 18 hours prior.

Thankfully I have arranged my schedule so I am usually pretty flexible with these sorts of things.

The parents were to show up in the park, and the kids came shortly after that.

I was a little, just a wee bit, surprised to see my 4 year old son painted up like all his male and female classmates, with blue eyeshadow, red cheeks, and a red beauty spot in the middle of the forehead.

He looked none too happy about his situation, and first chance we got he asked me to wipe it off.

I obliged, but not before getting these blackmail pictures.

After the forced performances, the children were treated to the rides in the park, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Which was a good thing, because we celebrated Children’s Day, June 1, getting rabies vaccines for 6 at the medical clinic.

We have a very good reason for wanting this vaccine (read more here).

China Surprise was lucky enough to get more boosters, which we gave her at home over the past couple weeks.

She’ll thank us someday.


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  1. Oh my! Those pictures are priceless. Seems like there are so many things we must do as parents that the kids don’t like but it’s for their own good! Hang in there mom and dad. Love and hugs!

  2. Def. keepers! That way someday in the near future, when Lucas refuses to do something all you have to do is whip out the pics and say “remember when??”

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