Pine Forest: In Search for Green Space


We really like living on the edge of a larger university campus, and have discovered a grassy area mostly hidden from pedestrian passers-by.

The kids have christened this area, passing a few pecking chickens, low-drooping trees and an area with pine trees and needle-covered ground beneath, the Pine Forest.

Of course.

We roam around there regularly, exploring little things, or just reading (if you’re the oldest bookworm child), pack a few snacks and enjoy the afternoon.

While the other kids are going to class until 8 pm, getting ready for their exams this week.

I am so NOT a Tiger Mother right now.


Here they are,

1) Foraging for food,

2) Nose in a book (She just read #8 in the Anne of Green Gables series),

3) Tree climber/sprinter/creepy-crawly enthusiast and

4) All-around irresistibly adorable as she says “I you mama!” [leaves out the “love”, but I know it’s there]!

Happy Monday!





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