Stairwell Drama


I was returning from my run this morning and climbing the stairs when I heard a strange noise.

Banging and clanging, sounding for all the world like a construction crew was trying to remove one of the steel doors that opens to the stairwell from each floor.

Somewhere around the 9th floor I saw it.

A man kneeling on the floor with a hammer in one hand and a large Chinese butcher knife in the other.

On the floor in front of him, a huge whole frozen chicken.

He was trying to break the thing up into smaller pieces, without success.

He looked up at me and waved, then doggedly returned to his task.

I wonder who forgot to take the beast out of the freezer last night…

If all else fails, they could try the hanging meats section at Wal Mart instead.



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  1. I have to say the story reminding me of the time I was visiting a friend and as I entered the stairwell it smelled of blood and as we went up a few flights, low and behold, a family is slaughtering their sheep. Only in Mongolia :} Let’s try to give skype a try. Send me a date and time and I will try to move heaven to make it work.

    Have a great one!

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