More Cake for Your Two Year Old?


It is August, and I am still amazed every time I go out for my morning run and pass the university running track at 6:30.

Here is what I see: about 10 kids, ages 5-10, lined up, and loudly reciting English.

Weekends too.

Summer school is no light-hearted, optional endeavor here.

One of my friends told me she had 8 hours a day of summer classes when she was younger.

The 6 week summer break is packed with English, Chinese, Math, Science and more, in general covering next school year’s curriculum so they’ve already gone through it once before “learning” it at school.

I think thousands of dollars are spent on these supplemental classes.

No wonder everyone tells me they can’t imagine paying to raise 4 children, with the amount of spending that goes into one child here.


But the kids are indulged in other ways.

We attend a local church part of the time, and I usually attend the toddler room with China Surprise, along with all the other mothers and grandmothers (and the occasional dad).

Once a quarter someone brings in a huge cake to celebrate all the recent birthdays, and by 9 am all the little people are loaded down with cake and armed with a microscopic plastic pitchfork.

This is not your mother cutting cake.

And they give out seconds if you’re not watching like a hawk…


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  1. Another reason why I love your blog is that I get a glimpse of what it would have been like if my daughter had been raised by her birth parents (though they were probably very poor). Just knowing a little more of the culture helps me understand her more. She is definitely not pushed to her potential, but in 2nd grade she is reading and writing up a storm. SHe has started school this year and the teacher won’t be able to give her enough work to keep her busy! And her drawing is out of this world. I have never seen a little child with such dexterity. She won first place in a community art show.

    Love your pics and posts. for you!


  2. We appreciate sharing your lives and your experiences! HUGS to you each one! Love Dad/Grandpa and Mom/Grammy


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