Piano Plus


We are thrilled to have a piano, which the girls have been so excited about.

We also decided to have a teacher come and give them lessons weekly.

This young lady is special and we hope to get to know her better over time.

Her home is the orphanage.

She was raised by an older woman (not a relative) until she was ten, when she had to go to the orphanage to live.

She graduated from the “orphan boarding school” for our province and now is studying music at a music college in our city.

We want to build a friendship with her and show her God’s love through our family.




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  1. Wow, what lovely opportunities the FATHER has provided! what a joy music brings too! Precious ones, We love you each one! Love, Dad/ Grandpa and Mom/ Grammy

  2. Computers are interesting. We thought we shared then comments pops up again; so We are happy for you all. the joy of the FATHER is your strenghth.HUGS Love, Dad/ Grandpa and Mom/ Grammy

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