Running for Kids

Running for Kids

Close to 200 people flocked to our big riverside park on Saturday, braving 90 degree temps to run, walk or leisurely sit in a stroller for our (this year) huge 5K/10K fundraiser race for our foster care program!

The past 3 years my ultrarunner extraordinaire friend K organized this race mostly for fun since there was no such thing going on here in this city of 8 million.

She made it a fundraiser last year, and 30 runners gathered to race.

Then she conveniently decided to move to a different country and passed the baton to us left behind.

Months ahead of time people were asking about this year’s race, so we had no choice but to move forward.

Somehow news travels fast via the web these days, and our registration headcount climbed to 137 the day before the run.

Our main objectives were to raise awareness in the Chinese and foreign community about foster care, and to have a child-friendly fun environment surrounding the race.

My favorite moment was when MB, a ten year old foster boy with cerebral palsy, who had walked part of the course with his foster mom crossed the finish line to a burst of cheers, and had the absolutely biggest grin on his face you could imagine!

Thanks to A, our tremendous coordinator, about 30-40 volunteers helped out in every way to create a fun, carnival-like atmosphere–face painting, bubbles, children’s race, balloon critters, bake sale, and more.

A local printing factory designed T shirts and donated all the proceeds.

My main worry was that as the numbers grew, we might encounter difficulties with the park guards or police.

They are sometimes leery of large groups of people…

But on race day our director talked with the guards and we had no problems at all.

Our First Aid team only had one injury requiring bandaids.

A big thumbs up to next year being even better!


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