Night Call


This week I was called out in the middle of the night for the first time since arriving in China.

One of the foster kids had croup and the foster mom (actually her young adult daughter) called in asking for advice.

He had been excruciatingly malnourished in his first year and has had some respiratory issues before.

It could have been much worse, thankfully.
By the time I saw him, the night doctor at the hospital had given double steroids (injectable and inhaled), and he was looking pretty perky for 230 am.

No massive bloodletting, excessive doses of radiation or even antibiotics were administered.

I was pretty perky about that.

He was able to go home after waiting for a while and everybody breathed a prayer of thanks and sigh of relief.

I rather enjoyed my leisurely bike ride back home on this last balmy night before fall weather hit.

(I had opted to cycle after a futile wait for taxis in our neighborhood on my way out.)

Both my husband and I agree that the city feels pretty safe, even after dark as long as I stick to main thoroughfares.

The nightlife sure looks different close up and personal.

I passed an internet cafe, door open to the street, with a few diehards clicking and gaming away.

A little joint grilling skewers on the sidewalk.

Yes, at 4 am.

Probably for the internet junkies with the munchies.

And last but not least, an older gentleman doing the typical stretching, arching and thumping-his-back-against-the-lamppost






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