I Heart Taipei!

I Heart Taipei!

I just took my board exams today, and am celebrating by writing a blog post.

I have to say, Taipei (TaiBei , if you’re from the mainland) is a gorgeous, friendly and super-clean city.

I boarded the plane yesterday with much trepidation and a blank mind, having studied my brains out for the past weeks and months with variable intensity.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the airline I was traveling on was Eva Air!

(Only when you book on a Chinese website can you manage to do all your business and pay, without necessarily full clarification on the name of the airline, certainly not in English.  It’s a mystery half of the time with the budget airlines.)

I rode a bus from the airport into town ($3.00) and arrived at my hotel, having passed about 397 coffee shops on the way.

There are literally about 4 coffee shops within eyesight of the hotel entrance, and a couple more around each corner.

I counted.

I have an eye for that sort of thing, because I like coffee.  And coffee shops are usually quite rare where I live. *sigh*

It’s actually probably good that the coffee shop is not a stone’s throw from my apartment, on second thought.

I also spotted this lovely sign to help prepare me mentally for the exam.

“Clear mind mental clinic”:  just what I needed!

I keep being amazed by the amount of fluent American English I hear spoken everywhere.

And the coffee drinkers huddled in every corner shop.

And the clean, clean, clean sidewalks and alleys.

And the first feta-cheese containing meal I’ve had in forever at the Pita sandwich place near National Taiwan University.

And the helmets on every single head of every single mopedist.

Yes, that is, amazingly, a helmet store!!!

They were everywhere.

I loved the roar of 50-100 mopeds all taking off  in the moped lane when the light turned green.

I loved the absence of cars on the sidewalk.

I loved the signs in the subway.

And I loved these wonderful, wonderful alleys filling in the grid of the city, with stores to explore, foods to taste, and the chance to catch a glimpse of everyday life in action.

Taipei, I’ll be back.

Long before my next recertification test in 10 years.


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  1. Look like a wonderful place to visit. Praying that your recertification exam went well, now enjoy that cop of coffee. Love and mis you all. Will you be home for a visit next summer?

  2. I have a wonderful couple from Taiwan in my class right now. I’m hoping to have them and their 2 children over for T-giving dinner. I’m sure you did great on your exam!

  3. I am so happy to hear of your adventures and the cleanliness of the area and the EVA airline! HUGS precious one! We love you!


  4. Love this! My kind of place. that many coffee shops sounds like the place for me! Eva Air, no less. Great signs for a great trip. Love and hugs!

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