I just talked with a dear friend on the phone today–she and her son are big advocates for supporting children with mental health diagnoses and encouraging resiliency in everybody (

Resiliency might be seen as giving someone the tools to bounce back and recover in a healthy way in the face of adversity, so the huge ocean waves of life become more like manageable whitecaps.

I often think about how I can help my own children develop resilience as we cope with new and challenging situations living overseas and sending them to local schools.

But my big heroes of resilience here are some of these guys who have been abandoned by all, yet in the nurturing care of a foster parent, begin to come into the person they were created to be.
Here is Daniel, in December 2011, at a visit to the orphanage.  Age ~7-8 years.

In March he was granted permission to be fostered, and came in for a number of clinic visits for a myriad of primarily malnutrition-related health problems.

He was one of the skinniest humans I have ever laid eyes on personally, alive.

And now in October, I am seeing him smile for the first time.

Currently he is seemingly repeating all the developmental stages from infancy on up, and is sort of like a 9-12 month old socially and with gross motor skills.

I may share more of his story another time, because I am convinced it is still emerging.


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  1. What a life! Amazing will to live and an incredible survivor. A timely reminder of how very precious our children are. Thankyou for sharing a little of your challenging work. I try to end each day by telling my (foster) kids how wonderful and special they are, how much I love them and how tomorrow will be a fantastic day. Even when it’s been a tough day in attachment disorder/FAS/ASD world :).

  2. I think the joy is when you can see the children as created just the way they are for a reason, and they are loved precisely for who they are and not for who you wish they would become! thanks for reading!!

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