Wildlife on the Loose


We’ve had hamster escape artists lately.

It’s an inside job.



Disclaimer: the above pictures are actually NOT of the dwarf hamster referred to in this tale.
Apparently it is too small to capture on camera. 

China Surprise had already been releasing one of them into the wilderness of our 140 sq.m apartment on a weekly basis, but they had been easily found.

One time it ran over a Chinese friend’s foot during a tutoring session with my husband, and I’ve never seen a man escape so quickly from the area.

Then this past week my dear husband woke me up with a start at 4 am to say there was a hamster under our clothing cabinet.

Sure enough, two little eyes blinked back into the flashlight and he pounced on it to put it back.

Oh no!  The other dwarf hamster was gone!

Let’s look in the morning.

So after a fruitless day of searching everywhere for a thing that can squeeze through anything, I put out a plea on facebook for advice.

Despite putting out food, and flour, and paper to make noise, and all the rest, by Friday we had given up and I was starting to sniff everywhere for suspicious smells.

We were heavily chastising the guilty party (China S.) for her deviant behavior, letting the critter out without supervision and so on.

Suddenly on Saturday our oldest daughter YaHui spotted her taking a nibble outside the cage, and we all rejoiced.

Then Sunday night, it happened again.

Husband awakes me again, this time 1:30 am, and sure enough, he heard right.
A scratching noise by the same hamster, under the cabinet again.


The next day the hamster cage was “locked” with a spare Christmas tree ornament metal hanger.

I hope her fine motor skills are not sufficiently developed to unravel the twists.

Although given her capability with an iPod, I doubt it will last long…



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  1. Thank you for this post!! I can’t stop laughing. Love your stories, love the pictures, love your kids! What adventures you share together.

  2. Love it! Taylor’s hamster has escaped a couple times, and the good thing is the cats did not enjoy a rodent meal when it did! children bring such amazing perspective to ordinary things! One of my autistic little friends got creative while working on ADL’s, buttoning a dressing vest. He put it on the dinosaur bank he found in the toy cupboard and proceeded to button it right up, no problem! Thank you for sharing your blessings! 🙂

  3. I know for a FACT that Santa does NOT like those who aid and abbett Hamster in escaping. Threats of coal in stockings may work better.
    Frankly, I can’t believe they are pets and not food…
    Blessings to all!!!
    Love and hugs-

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