The World


What’s the difference between these two maps?DSCN0503


The top map is on a children’s placemat I bought years ago in the US.

The bottom one was purchased at a bookstore in China and hangs in the children’s bedroom.

No, I’m not going to address the South China Sea territorial disputes.

One map has North America as the focal point (looking from left to right), and the other has China/Asia.

Very interesting on perspective on worldview, history, geography, and the location of the center of the earth.

Every single map I’ve seen here shows Asia on the left or direct center.

The name for China in Chinese is 中国 (ZhongGuo), which means “Middle Kingdom.”

Every English-printed map I’ve seen shows NA on the left/center.

Personally, I like the Chinese map because you can get a much better view of the Bering Strait.

I was talking with a friend tonight about how I am used to being here now in many ways and understand on a superficial level how certain things work (or don’t).

Then somebody says something, or does something, and I realize how far apart our worlds are on a more profound level with regards to cultural expectations or perspective on a situation.

We attended a wedding recently which was very lovely.

The parents of the groom are foster parents through our program to a little girl with developmental delay.

The bride was dressed in white, the groom in a tux, a cute little flower girl dressed like an angel complete with wings…

It was really like a wedding and reception all rolled into one, starting at 930 am at a nice hotel.

Sort of.

Except there was no minister or officiant.

They had an MC doing all the honors, including commentating as they exchanged rings and lit a magnificent candle.

We feasted on many seafoods, fancy dishes and chocolate and declined the hard liquor since it was before 11 am.

Before the meal was barely underway, the hotel crew were already dismantling all the decorations and tearing things down to the plywood, even as the bride and groom were greeting all the tables.

This is not the first wedding like this that we’ve attended.

It’s all a learning experience.

And our kids pass on all the savory dishes and gorge themselves on sweets while ignoring the multitude of cameras zooming in on them.


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  1. Personally, I think our schools should use the lower map- might give a better perspective on the idea that we are not the center of things but a part of the whole. I like it! I love it that your little one got the bouquet. Cool! Very handsome couple! Thanks for sharing. I am so tired of hearing about nasty brides, here, who have such an attitude they make everybody miserable. Very interesting stuff! Happy 2013! Love and hugs!

  2. Hello Brian,Eva,Sofia,Hope,Lukas&Lydia: We trust that you are all well and are looking forward to the New Year. Thanks for the new posts about maps,iceskating and the wedding. It is always special to see pictures of you and the grandchildren. We received a package returned from the post office that you were evidently having sent to Hannah. It was returned marked no such number, because the address on the USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL label was Hannah Winsjansen 7783 E. King St. Tulsa OK 74115. Our OLd Salem Road address was also shown as the return address on the USPS label. Under the USPS label and showing through it we could see Hannah’s correct address of 7783E.Skelly Dr. Tulsa OK 74129. I took the package to the post office and they said the post office did not put the USPS mailing label on the package. Whoever mailed or shi


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