4th Down


China Surprise started preschool this week.

She turned 3, and the typical Chinese thing is to start off a lot of things after the Chinese New Year, so we followed suit.

So far so good.

She was excited for weeks about going to school, but on the day of she started to cry when we entered the front yard.

The teachers were very nice, and we went into her big brother’s classroom next door so she could sit with him for a bit.

He put his arm protectively around her, and she smiled at me and said Bye bye, Mama!

The rest of the week she has literally run into the building without a backwards glance and loves school!


Backpacks lined up by the door!


Waiting for the elevator


In GeGe (older brother’s) classroom


Menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack for the day
includes eggs, green beans, bananas, and more…


the place is run by 3 sisters: this is the second in charge


pleased to have a special treat!


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  1. Love this! So glad she loves it. Big changes for the little ones. Gotta love the milestones! Love the decorated treat .It’s cute! Candy or cookie? My sweet tooth is very interested! 🙂

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