We have now lived overseas for nearly 4 years, and our kids have grown with us as in this process.

I occasionally read about TCK issues (Third-culture kids)–the term coined for children of parents who live in a country outside their passport country and grow up straddling two or more worlds and cultures.

Our medical conference in Thailand was wonderful for our kids–over 150 children of physicians living as expats all over Asia, all gathered for kid activities while the grown-ups go to their classes.

They understand each others’ unique situations more clearly than most, and had a fantastic time together.

My second daughter, now 7, became dear friends with someone living in Cambodia when we attended the conference two years ago, and they have been emailing each other since then.

This time was a joyful reunion for the two of them, and they spent nearly every waking moment together, whether eating, playing or going to class.

It has been a joy to watch their friendship blossom.

And in the process, I’ve gained a new friend as well-her mom!


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  1. You have an eye for the classic moment! I love this picture! When they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, this is it! Love and hugs!

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