Let it burn…


Believe it or not, I am still studying Chinese.

Not that I don’t want to, since it is kind of like medicine in that you “practice” and learn something new with every patient the rest of your life.

I discovered the true meaning of exercise.

In Mandarin:  锻炼 (duan-lian)

The word to use if you are going out for a run, or do some group tai chi exercise, ride your bike, whatever.

The characters are rather interesting.

Or alarming, if you tend to have wimpy workouts (like I do).

When I say I’m going for a run, the casual observer might call it a “slow jog” if they’re kind, or “walking” if they’re a literalist child.

Now for the language lesson.

The first character, 锻, duan, means “forge”, and the left part of the character represents metal/iron.

The second character, 炼, lian, means “smelt, refine, temper”, and the left part of the character represents fire.

Ouch already.

So, here’s to my renewed vigor in my personal “Fit by Forty” campaign!

Fifty-some days to go, according to the calendar-conscious children in my house.

And here’s my true inspiration:  11 year old Timotai, foster child with cerebral palsy,  running in our 5K/10K last September.DSCN9798


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  1. These kids are so inspiring! worked with one of triplets on Saturday and he was so matter of fact and cute. They are amazing! hang in there with the exercise! I’m trying to maintain but at my age, it is not as easy as it once was! Love and hugs!

  2. thanks for the lesson in Chinese, the lesson to perservere no matter the handicaps of life. Motivational blog. also looking forward to celebrating birthdays with you all! You all are loved so much!

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