Early Childhood Education


It’s so different here I can’t even compare.

But that’s for another blog post when I feel inspired to write didactically.

Today China Surprise (age 3) pulled out her character-practice book to “do her homework” along with the big kids, and spent about 20 minutes practicing strokes.

Our second daughter has enjoyed this recent form of practicing her characters much more than the little box-filled notebooks at school.

I am just pleased she is having fun, and getting thank you notes written in the process!!



Here is LuMing at the New Year’s Eve program at the preschool.

He was not thrilled to see us and refused to participate with his class, although his teachers insisted that he was always the loudest and most eager one during all their rehearsals.

When asked what they did in school today, he used to say “watched cartoons” but now it’s boring because the cartoons have been replaced with practicing more characters.



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  1. Hang in there buddy, Your face say’s a thousand words to me. I am thinking about you. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think about the fun we had in Crafts in Thailand. I love to see the pictures that your mom sends on the blog, it brightens my day.
    You have a great looking sweater on, I am thinking that it is still very cold there. Here in Michigan its freezing cold, and it even snowed today. Burrrrrrr.
    My trip today was to Harrisburg, PA, we landed on a runway full of snow, even tho the calendar says spring it feels like winter.
    Chat with you soon,
    Your Craft teacher,
    Miss Judy

  2. Grnapa and Grammy love hearing about our precious grandchildren, We love the pictures too.HUGS to you all!

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