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I found this great website/blog yesterday that wholeheartedly validated our current educational “plan”, as it is, for our kids.

Here it is.

Written by a colleague I’ve never met, but admire for her words.

Back in the BC days, Before I had Children (and Before I went to China), I vowed I would never homeschool.


Then we had some kids, and made plans to move overseas.

As with everything else in a major move, your previous expectations get turned upside down, and you find yourself realizing that your new list of options are quite…ah…different than the ones in Suburbia, Western Hemisphere.

Yet here we are, with our kids living this odd life of total immersion Chinese for a half day, followed by a semi-scheduled afternoon of Chinese homework, English homeschool, and piano.


Oh, and huge doses of conflict resolution, potty runs for the wee one, emergent lost hamster searches, and the occasional medical query by phone from an expat I don’t know or a drop-in by a Chinese friend I also don’t know that rearranges the entire afternoon and evening.

This month we are hosting the choir practice.

[By the way, there is no ESL equivalent at their school, with 1 teacher, 42 students in both of the girls’ classes.]

Somewhere I try to decide what’s for dinner.

We try to experiment with enrichment learning opportunities, of course, to supplement the rather….ah…uniform local educational system here.

Using pretzels as a medium for writing characters, for example.









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  1. Row, row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.You certainly have an eventful household with humor and challenges..thought the thought of a boat ride may remind you of rest, relaxation , restoration and the wonderful memories for your scrap book experience. HUGS precious ones and Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Dad/ Grandpa and Mom/ Grammy

  2. I think you are an OT as well! Those kinds of out of the box (no pun intended) lessons are fabulous for helping kids get the concepts into their heads, whatever they are learning. Those smiles are priceless. Love and hugs!

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