One Thousand Gifts–In China


Ann Voskamp is my new inspiration.

I have been challenged to make my own list of 1000 gifts I have already received, focusing in on the details of life and having a heart of gratitude .

In taking time out for gratitude, we actually slow time down and end up with making the most of the 1440 minutes of each day that we have allotted to us.

Although I desperately want to, I cannot relieve all the suffering that I see every day around me.

Perhaps I can redeem it by giving thanks to God for all those gifts I so easily bypass.

1.  April snowflakes, largest and fluffiest of the season.

2.  A trio of jolly whistlers doing their math homework.

3.  Skype phone call from one of my favorite aunts.

4.  A shared smile with my beloved.

5.  Spontaneous sibling affection.



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  1. I love that beautiful pic of your two girls – made me really feel good this morning. Thanks.

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